Friday, April 01, 2005

Exposing my ignorance: Yes and no

They say you win some, you lose some, and this has played out for me in the last day or so.

In the ignorance dept: At work, I'm still figuring out what's what. It's when you think you have something licked that it bites you in the ass. This has been a rough few days for me in the figuring-people-out department. And this blog isn't called "overthink" for nothing -- I do tend to make things harder than they have to be sometimes. Mountains out of molehills, if you will. Something I need to work on. The whole working with others thing is a challenge, too. All in time.

In the score one for Christine department: We were listening to our favorite morning show when they said, "Go to Valcro for a free tank of gas, up to 20 gallons, and say Loren and Wally sent you." They just kept saying that there were seven area stations (no locations given) and to look for the big red, white and blue sign. People kept calling in and thanking them for the tanks of gas. One guy said, "Hey, I didn't need 20 gallons, so they said to go get myself a free paper and coffee, too!" With gas more than $2 a gallon and them being so vague, my copy editor-radar went up, and I told M, "This is an April Fools' Day prank." He said, "Yeah, but why are all those people calling in?" I said, "They're probably calling to ask about the free gas, and the station guys tell them to play along." Sure enough, Google found no "Valcro" ("looking for Velcro?" it asked). I called the station, and they said, "April Fools!" And I was half asleep at the time. So rock on with yo' bad self, self. Although I shouldn't mention the Hues Corporation song that line comes from ("Rock the Boat"), since I lost a bet with M as to who did it.
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