Wednesday, April 06, 2005

'House' and the questions it raises

Last night's "House" presented an interesting question. This week's case concerned a woman who was sleeping for 18 hours a day. After running a whole bunch o' tests and determining the lady's problem could be African sleeping sickness, she slipped into a coma and was not responsive. The lady had never been to Africa, and sleeping sickness is sexually transmitted (and highly fatal), so the docs asked her husband if he had ever had an affair. He said absolutely not, and before slipping into a coma, the lady said she hadn't, either. The husband had to make the decision to treat her for sleeping sickness, the treatment for which can kill some patients outright, knowing if the treatment worked, it meant she had likely had an affair. If it didn't, his wife dies. He was haunted, yet started the treatment. She responded to it, and he left her, because she indeed had a dalliance (or so the last scene implied).

I went to bed and told M what had happened. I asked him what he would do if I had possibly done such a thing, and he was in a situation where I couldn't speak for myself and he held my life in his hands. He said he would definitely save my life, but then he would have to think about whether he wanted to stay with me, depending on the circumstances surrounding both my health and the affair. "But I wouldn't leave you over a one-night stand," he said. I joked that was good to know, but honestly, I can't see myself ever fooling around on him. Sure, it's easy to say stuff like, "I would never ..." when you've never done it, but I'm a big believer in fidelity. If you want to mess around, don't get married. Simple as that. There's no gun to anyone's head forcing them to get tied down.

More buddage in my yard. Whoopy. In a related story, the pollen count is 8 out of 12. Get used to the whining, faithful reader(s). It's gonna be a long spring. Esp if the Red Sox keep playing like they do. Oy!
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