Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Would you be this stupid?

This morning, I had a gentleman in a work truck barreling up my ass. I gave him a certain, umm, signal, and he backed off. But this made me think about all the run-ins I've had with guys in work trucks. Would you drive around like an asshole with the name and phone number of your employer emblazoned on the side of your vehicle? Apparently, these worker dudes haven't gotten the memo. And I'm not making fun; my dad drives around regularly in such a truck. There are guys in his office that have gotten chewed out, because they've pissed off someone on the road, the person has jotted down his work number and the plate, and bus-ted.

On a similar note M and I just appealed a minor accident I was involved in back in December. It's good being married to a lawyer; between my writing skills and his legal knowledge, I think we made a good case. Was driving to work in the left lane of Route 2, the dude in front of me slammed on his brakes on an icy road, and I swerved slightly into the right lane to avoid him. I clipped a lady going by. I recently was assessed a surcharge, and with my driving record, we don't need it. It's worth a try.

And speaking of weirdness, M went to check our bank balances on Saturday, and there were a few hundred dollars missing. We checked, and someone in the UK had been using our debit card. At first, we thought it was someone local, because one of the charges said "Westminster," and there's a Westminster by us. Then we saw "GB" after all the transactions. M ran to the credit union and closed the account ASAP, grabbing some $$$ while he was there to get us through the next few weeks until we can get new ATM cards. I'll tell you one thing: I'm never using my debit card over the Internet again.
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