Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Top 100 movie quotes of all time...

...can be found here and include some doozies.

What a fun week. My car wouldn't start Monday morning, so I had it towed to the local auto place. They got it running in the shop, so after spending the $20-plus to rent a car, I had to pick it up Tuesday with no work done. The mechanic suggested there could be some water in the fuel lines, so M put some dry gas in it, and hopefully that will do the trick. It started this morning.

Tonight I'm going to see my mentee. I'm going to see if she wants to go bowling. Or to play mini golf. I can't get into our checking account to get money, because my PIN is screwed up. I just called the bank, and they are going to send me a new PIN -- in five to seven days. Great. Ah well.
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