Monday, May 10, 2010

Random thoughts from the play area

On crappy weather days, we sometimes head over to the local mall's play area. Boo loves it muchly, and I enjoy watching him love it muchly. But I find a lot of thoughts go through my head as I stand there watching him and the other kids:
  • Get away from that toy, kiddo. You only want to play with it because my son does.
  • I wonder how many germs are in here? Better grab the antibacterial wipes and hose the boy down before we go.
  • Umm, mother chatting with her friends and not paying attention to her kid? I know you need some downtime, but you might want to get him to stop smacking everyone in the face. He comes near my kid, it's on.
  • Wow, my kid is well-behaved compared to some of them in here.
  • I hope this is teaching him a bit how to play with other kids.
  • I love seeing Boo so happy. How much longer do we have to stay?
  • I hope he takes a good nap after this.
  • They really ought to get a gate. That's the third kid I've seen try to make a break for it out into the mall.
  • That mom looks nice. Hope she doesn't think I'm hitting on her if I make small talk.
  • Is that a sale I see?

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