Thursday, July 08, 2010

The long silence

I am sorry. Really sorry. Every single day, I think, I need to write in my blog. But I just can't get motivated. I've learned, though, the best way to plow through writer's block is to barrel right through it.

What's been going on:

Had a great Fourth of July. Very quiet and low-key -- we're not huge celebrators of this holiday -- but nice and family-oriented. M took some time off this week and we had some family excursions, including a trip to IKEA. Boo couldn't believe his eyes. This was his favorite thing -- he kept spinning it and had a fit when we took him away.

Still unemployed, and as of Tuesday, it will have been a year. Yikes. On a happier note, Boo turned two and a half on Tuesday as well. It sucks that these two events are forever intertwined. I am trying to get some freelance work and continue to look for a part-time, preferable work-at-home job. I continue to work for M in his new office.

My little brother is going to be a dad. His wife is due in October. I am thrilled for them as well as for the fact Boo will have a cousin. He is very excited too.

Boo continues to be a love interspersed with acting like a 2-year-old. Bedtime and naptime have become major battles. I'm not really sure what we're going to do when we put him in a bed and I can't just pull up the bedrail and let him wear himself out.

Summer is going by wayyyyy too fast.

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