Sunday, April 24, 2005

It's not so bad

Well, although I am not getting the best sleep I've ever gotten, I feel I'm over the hump. Although I am still dreading work tomorrow. Why I got to be like that? I don't have to be there for more than 12 hours, and yet I am still upset. And I had a killer day on Friday -- I gave a presentation to my work group that I think went really well. Then we had another meeting that I spoke up in. All this has made me realize that spending too much time "up in my head" is not a good thing. I need to come back down to earth. I'm seeing my therapist tomorrow, and I could use the support. This is just a rough patch, and it too shall pass. On the up side, my old boss sent me a letter of recommendation that would bring a tear to your eye.

To make myself feel better, I stopped by the hair salon in the mall and made an appointment to finally get the moptop cut and colored. I haven't had a haircut since January, due in large part to my general laziness about getting my hair cut on a regular basis. And I look like the shaggy dog. The whole enchilada is going to cost about $100, which M is not thrilled about, but hey, a girl's gotta look good. While in the mall, I stopped in Victoria's Secret and listened to the girls laughing about one of their roomies who used to try on the VS employee's underwear. Usually, the salesgirls in there are all over ya when you come in the door, but these lassies seemed uninterested. That's fine; I put up with my share of pushiness in Bath and Body Works. Good thing they have good products, because their sales staff is so annoying.
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