Monday, April 11, 2005

So effective, you can skip a day

OK, I didn't post yesterday. That's because I was out in the 65-degree gorgeousness with my M. We went for a ride in the country, and then stopped to get ice cream, then stuff at Wallie World for the garden/yard.

Funny thing happened at the ice cream stand. The absolutely pristine weather meant tons of people were out on their motorcycles. I mean, tons. And those bikes were loud, man. The dude in front of us in line was having a very hushed conversation with, I presume, the police, which was pretty funny considering there was a biker chick in front of him who looked like she could flatten him. He said he lived nearby and had been listening to the bikes make a shitload of noise all day, and they were clearly in violation of Code Blah Blah Blah, and to please send a cruiser. Not five minutes later, the town's finest pulled into the parking lot and started questioning everyone with Harley attire on. We just ate our ice cream and watched. M says the bikers would just get a ticket for modifying their bikes to be too noisy. I assume the cops have some kind of machine that can measure the amount of noise a hog makes -- talk about appealing a ticket if a cop just said, "your bike's too loud."

For the first time in, oh, about six months, I sat out on my deck and read the paper while M mowed the grass. It was heavenly. Of course, with this nutty weather, I was wearing a short-sleeved shirt, capris and sandals yesterday, and today I'm wearing a wool sweater, a turtleneck and khakis since it's 45 degrees. April!
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